Baltic Journey Chorale Concert

Choir In Black And White Clip Art at - vector clip art ...

First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth is hosting two award-winning international composers, Eriks Esenvalds and Z. Randall Stroope, Tuesday/tomorrow, October 20, at 7:00 pm, for “A Baltic Journey Chorale Concert.” The free event is your opportunity to hear their beautiful choral music as sung by DFW high school choirs and the OSU Concert Chorale. Located at 800 W. 5th. Street in downtown Fort Worth (76102), the church’s sanctuary will be the place where you’ll want to gather to hear this stirring music. The church’s Paup Sanctuary Pipe Organ will be featured during the concert and expertly played by organist Peggy Graft. For more information, go online at Maybe I’ll see you there!

Annie Ambles at 800 W. 5th. in downtown Fort Worth


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