Bands on the Bricks at Sundance Square

During October, every Wednesday night, 5:30 – 7:30 PM, Sundance Square is the place for some good music. Located at 420 Main Street in downtown Fort Worth, you park free after 6:00 PM on the street or in some lots.

Only two band events remain–Wednesday, October 21st, Mingo Fishtrap (Austin.Texas.Soul) will play, while Wednesday, October 28th, Downtown Fever (High Energy Approach and Style) will entertain the crowd. Both bands have web pages that you may want to visit to learn more about them.

If you get downtown for the start of the music before 6:00 PM, be sure to feed the meter, as the parking patrol comes by every 15 or so minutes. The parking ticket is $60. Don’t gamble!

Join friends and even strangers who may become friends for happy hour at any of the Sundance Square food and drink spots. See and hear some of the hottest bands on the Sundance Square Plaza stage, while you enjoy munchies and beverages. The concert is free, but you’re going to need to pay for your purchases.

There are tables with chairs, benches, and other perches that you can use, or you can bring your own blanket, stool, or lawn chair. Management asks that you don’t bring beverages or food from home in your coolers, but people do bring their children and dogs.

If you get the munches while you’re swaying to the music, Taco Diner, 156 W. 4th., offers a special $5 adult beverage package that includes tortilla corn chips and hot salsa.  The Diner has an outdoor section that is just to the left of the stage and can be entered only through its front door. Starbucks,  141 W. 3rd., has all sorts of delicious drinks as does Jamba Juice, 101 W. 3rd.  It’s easy to buy what you want and bring it out into the plaza to enjoy along with the music.

Really hungry? Can’t wait to eat supper?  We Texans call the evening meal supper, not dinner. No matter what you call the meal, another option is to sit outside and enjoy the music and your food at The Bird Cafe, 155 E. 4th., or Del Frisco’s Grille, 154 E. 3rd. Both offer outdoor patios with direct views of the stage–a little pricey, but good.

By supporting our Sundance Square merchants, we can keep the events free, and, from Annie’s point of view, that’s a pretty good deal!

Annie Ambles to Sundance Square for the music


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