Sid Richardson Museum of Western Art

Sid Richardson Museum

While most Fort Worth museums are closed on Monday, you can satisfy your craving for some artistic beauty by visiting the Sid Richardson Museum of Western Art. The museum is filled with Charlie Russell and Frederic Remington paintings and some sculpture. Usually about 50 works of art on on display at one time.

Admission is always free. You’ll find the Sid Richardson right off Sundance Square at 309 Main Street in downtown Fort Worth, Texas 76102. The museum opens at 9:00 AM every day, except Sunday when it opens at 12:00 noon. It closes at 5:00 PM most days, but does stay open later until 8:00 PM on Friday and Saturday.

A free brochure available at the Museum’s counter will give you more information about the art. It can be a nifty souvenir of your visit that provides more facts for your reading pleasure after you get back home.

You can enjoy a docent-guided tour every Tuesday and Saturday at 2:00 PM. The one-hour tour is open to everyone with no reservation required. Just show up! I find that I always get more out of a museum visit after I’ve gone on a tour that highlights certain works of art, their creators, and their history. Of course, it’s up to you what you want to do, but I recommend going on the tour.

The current exhibition is called “Remington and Russell Retold”, and runs through January 9, 2016. These two artists are considered visual storytellers of the 19th. Century American West. Thirty-eight of their paintings of America’s 19th-century West are on display. “Together these men shaped America’s vision of the Western frontier, bringing to life unforgettable characters and recalling significant events,” according to the museum’s web site.

In addition to the Western art, there is an area that tells the visitor more about the museum’s benefactor Sid Richardson. Born in Athens, Texas in 1891, Mr. Richardson collected Western art until his death in 1959. Some of the art hung in his suite at the Fort Worth Club. He led a colorful life, was friends with many of Fort Worth’s most famous sons, never married although rumor has it that Joan Crawford had the hots for him, and seemed to really enjoy his life. You can see his silver-embossed parade saddle on display, too.

If you want to get a jump-start on your Christmas shopping, the Museum Gift Shop is a gem. Browse through reasonably priced books, prints, jewelry, and assorted other giftables.

Annie Ambles through the Sid Richardson Museum of Western Art


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