Rainy Day Heaven

Wonderful Stay-inside-with-a-Book Day.

An extremely loud clap of thunder shook downtown Fort Worth about 6:30 AM. Much too early to get out of bed, but maybe just a perfect time to start the coffee and grab a book. Grateful for the rain and for the stay home time. Aren’t you?

What are you reading? Maybe it’s a classic from your school days or perhaps you’re reading something published this year. Talked last night with a lady who has rediscovered Ayn Ryan. She remarked that Atlas Shrugged fascinated her. It was Ryan’s fourth and final novel. Published in 1957 and later made into a movie, the book’s theme according to its author is “the role of man’s mind in existence.” Wow again.

One of my goals for the year–I no longer make new year’s resolutions–is to buy no books. Before you throw up your hands in disgust and wailing, do not fret. It doesn’t mean that I don’t bring books, even welcome them, into my space; I just don’t have any more room for them on my three bookcases. Please understand that I do have a valid Fort Worth Library card and frequently use it.. An avid reader, I belong to a book club and read to improve my mind as well as my writing skills. It’s a free form of entertainment.

Annie Ambles to the recliner with Pride and Prejudice and coffee


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