Amon Carter Museum of American Art

It’s going to be more than a little wet for the next few days, so why not plan some indoor activities, like a visit to a beautiful museum? Go ahead; be brave. Put your umbrella in the car with you, and drive to Fort Worth’s Cultural District, specifically to 3501 Camp Bowie Boulevard, for an Amon Carter Museum visit.

Although the museum is closed on Monday, it is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Thursday is the late day with an opening at 10:00 AM and a closure at 8:00 PM. If Sunday is your day of choice, come at 12:00 Noon and stay until closing time at 5:00 PM.

This free museum has a really fine collection of 19th. and early 20th. century American art. On display are works by Winslow Homer, Georgia O’Keeffe, John Singer Sargent, Frederic Remington and Charlie Russell as well as other artists. All galleries are barrier-free.

You’ll see photographs by Laura Wilson, a site-specific painting by Esther Pearl Watson, and treasures from the American Folk Art Museum now on display along with fine sculptures. You’re going to love these special exhibits as well as the regular ones.

There is a spiffy museum shop, but no cafe. If you’re a researcher, there is a library, too. What a way to spend a rainy day!

Annie Ambles to the Amon Carter Museum


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