Fort Worth’s CSI with Max Courtney

Sherlock Holmes Accessory Kit

Information about this Saturday morning talk by Max Courtney was forwarded by Fort Worth Genealogical Society to me, and I wanted to share it with you. If you like watching CSI on TV and reading mysteries and Sherlock Holmes, you will want to go to this free event, Saturday, November 7, 10:30 AM to 12:00 Noon in the Tandy Lecture Hall, of our beautiful downtown Fort Worth Central Library, 500 W. 3rd Street. Parking is free at the meters/on the street on weekends.

“Whether you are trying to solve a crime or a historic mystery, evidence is key. Find out from investigator Max Courtney what role forensic science has played in crime scene interpretation and courtroom drama in the Fort Worth area.

After a brief history of forensic science from fingerprints to DNA, he will examine several case histories that illustrate how these forensic techniques have been applied to local crimes you are sure to recall. Don’t miss this chance to go behind the scenes in Fort Worth’s own version of CSI.

A chemist by training, Max Courtney has worked in forensic science for forty-five years and has participated in a number of high-profile cases. He has taught at Tarrant County College, University of Texas at Arlington, and Baylor University and is an avid amateur historian.”

Annie Ambles to Fort Worth’s Central Library for a CSI Talk


3 thoughts on “Fort Worth’s CSI with Max Courtney

  1. Priscilla Wright says:

    Finally found your blog, Ruth Ann enjoy reading about things to do here in Fort Worth. You include important information in a comfortable and informative manner. Thanks for creating Annie Ambles.


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