Volunteer at Bass Hall

Bass Hall Volunteers of the Month 2014

I’ve been a Bass Hall volunteer for over two years, selected as the Volunteer of the Month for April 2014, and love almost every minute of it. How can you, too, join our ranks with over 1,700 people who proudly call ourselves volunteers? It’s easy. Go online to BassHall.com. Click on “Get Involved,” complete and submit the online application, and wait for your call or e-mail to attend the next training session. Please, please reply immediately as I’ve heard that the first 50 responses are those who are ultimately invited to attend the 3-4 hour training session on a Saturday.

If you have an interest and enthusiasm for the performing arts, a willingness to serve all patrons of the Hall with care and respect, a high level of congeniality in serving the Hall’s guests, a professional demeanor, and punctuality in all assignments, are 18 years of age or older, you’ll be the perfect Bass Hall volunteer.

Where are you needed to serve? As office and administrative aides, Children’s Education Program (CEP) ushers, performance night ushers, gift shop sales volunteers, and Saturday morning tour docents, volunteers are the heart of the Hall. I even participate in the CEP reading program where I go to elementary schools to read to the students. The experiences and friends I’ve gained are beyond measure. Of course, it’s up to you where you find your niche. I enjoy the Children’s Education program, the Bass Hall assignments, and the McDavid Studio presentations.

How do you know where you’ll be at Bass Hall? Well, it’s kinda like going to Las Vegas in that it’s decided by the flip of a card. Before the event’s briefing, you line up, draw a card from a face down group, and read where you’ll be–traffic control, elevator, ticket taker, inside usher. Frequently, you are able to trade position with another volunteer, if you draw something that you’d prefer not to do, or if you have to leave early. Very civilized; very friendly.

It’s our willingness to serve that makes the volunteer program successful. Our acceptance of volunteering indicates an agreement to fulfill the responsibility for active participation and affirms our earnest support of the principles and ideals of Bass Performance Hall. You need to volunteer only two times a month, but, believe you me, you’ll want to be there more often! After all, you get to see the performance free.

Annie Ambles to Bass Hall as a volunteer


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