Tarrant County Veterans Day Parade in Downtown Fort Worth

  Fort Worth’s main downtown streets are lined with American flags. What a beautiful sight. In just a few hours, the Tarrant County Veterans Day Parade will pass along Main to the cheers of bystanders. The parade will assemble at 10:30 AM along North Main Street near the Courthouse and proceed south on Main to Sundance Square for the 11:00 AM opening ceremony.
     The free parade will have over 5,000 participants including veterans, serving military, Junior ROTC, school bands, veteran, civic, and many more patriotic organizations and friends. If you stand anywhere between the 100-500 block on Main St, in downtown Fort Worth, you’ll have a great view of the passing parade. Don’t let the low rain chances keep you home. Bring your American flag to wave as the parade passes by you and a folding chair, if you want to rest a bit.
     Please join in the appreciation of our Veterans, past, present and future, in commemorating the 50th. anniversary of the Vietnam War. As World War II. and the Korean War reached their 50th. anniversary, our nation commemorated our warriors’ service and sacrifice. Now we have the opportunity to do what should have been done 50 years ago: welcome our Vietnam veterans home with honor, and thank them and their families for their service and sacrifice.

     To learn more about veterans’ programs, the parade, and how to join the Tarrant County Veterans Council,  visit <www.TarrantCountyVeterans.org>.

Fort Worth began having Armistice Day parades in 1918. In 1954, the name changed to Veterans Day, and the tradition continued. Come on out and join in the celebration.  Hope to see you at this years Veterans Day Parade as you march by, ride by on a float, or stand cheering from the sidewalk, proudly waving your American flag. The only thing better than watching a parade is being in one.

Annie Ambles to Main Street to watch the Veterans Day Parade


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