Family and Food



Oh, the joys of family and food. This past weekend sixteen Storey family members, none of whom now bear that surname, gathered at my niece’s lake cabin to get back in touch with one another and give updates on our lives. The days were tremendously fine times. We ate and ate and ate, celebrating our good fortune to be related, to be family. Everyone brought his or her special dishes to share. The results were astonishingly fine meals as well as excellent conversations and a scale gain of 2.2 pounds for me. I’m not too happy about that, but it is worth it.

As a result of the weight gain, I felt compelled to do some writing. I hope you don’t find my little poem too simple or uninteresting, but, as a Tarrant County College Creative Writing student, I felt inclined, in a somewhat poetic fashion, to document my weight struggle. Let’s hope you don’t have to go on a diet to restrict your food intake, especially not now as we begin our season of holiday feasting. Nevertheless, please let me know what you think of my work. My professor asked us to post some of our writings on our blogs, so here it is. Just in case you wondering after reading the poem about my weight, I’m 5’6″ and 129 pounds. I tamed my pet dragon!

Consolations After Another Failed Diet

My scale is shouting aloud to my sweats as

both rejoice in my defeat;

forever they will remain together.

I find comfort in fickle books

that fling themselves at me as I pass.

They would gladly rush out to other arms,

for neglect is harder to bear than overuse.

Most have rather tattered pages; few shiny new covers.

I nurture some, yet I cannot part with any

novels, mysteries, biographies,or travel tomes.

My dragon of fat snuggles closer and closer,

like a kitten, ever purring, licking, scratching, hissing.

Ever after I taste the pizza, the cherry-topped cheesecake, the fudge,

while imprisoned by the recliner with book and fire-breathing pet.

Annie Ambles contemplates delicious food and weight–after the fact


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