Fort Worth’s Downtown Sirens Work


The wind woke me up about 3:15 AM this morning, or maybe it was the wailing tornado sirens. At any rate, I was up and about very early this morning. I love storms and enjoyed the power of the wind as it moved through downtown, leaving behind some pounding rain.

A big thank you to the TV weather people who stayed up most of the night and early morning keeping us informed about what to do and where to go. I admit that I did put on some sweats, ventured out into the inside hall, saw no one there, and sheepishly retreated to my condo.

My sweet McKinney-based niece called about that time to be sure I knew about the violent weather moving through Tarrant County. Love takes many forms, and I am grateful.

Imagine the surprise that the eighteen-wheeler driver, sleeping in his rig in Mesquite, experienced when the high wind blew his truck and trailer on its side. That would be an abrupt awakening. I saw his TV interview and was relieved to learn he had a few cuts and bruises, but nothing more serious. As I watched the noon news, a video of his tractor trailer’s being up-righted played. I hope he was able to get the motor started and be on his way.

If you had only limbs blown off a tree or two, be grateful. Some businesses and homes lost parts of their roofs. No damage here at the Neil P. on West 7th. in downtown Fort Worth. Big sigh of relief!

Annie Ambles onto her balcony after last night’s storm


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