Learn Something New by Attending Tarrant County College

Tarrant County College Trinity River Campus East and West

Do you like to learn new things? Maybe you have some skills you haven’t used in a while that you’d like to polish, like drawing or painting. If so, you are a candidate for a Tarrant County College (TCC) class. Don’t want to have the pressure of working for a grade? After all, perhaps you did that years ago. You may want to do audit a course or two. When you audit,  you take an undergraduate course without getting college credit or a grade, but you don’t have to do all the work either, not unless you want to. You and your instructor can make that decision together.

The TCC website has the following information on how to enroll. Just know, too, that you can register in person at the Registrar’s Office to audit a course. Click on the TCC calendar link for Audit Registration dates. There are five TCC campuses, so you should be able to find one close to you.

Here are five facts that you need to know about auditing one or two classes:

  1. Audit students must meet the same admissions and prerequisites to enroll in a course as a credit student.
  2. The cost for auditing courses is the same tuition rate for credit. Free for 65+ (see #5).
  3. Courses may be audited on a space-available basis.
  4. Students may not change from credit to audit or audit to credit status. I tried to do this once.
  5. Senior citizens (persons 65 years of age or older) are permitted to audit credit and continuing education courses without payment of tuition. Tuition waiver isn’t available for Senior Education classes.

Senior citizens, did you get the impact of #5? You don’t have to pay tuition or fees. Yes, you may audit two (2) classes free of charge. In fact, you can enroll for two (2) courses for credit with essentially free tuition in any state supported college. Sorry, you can’t go to TCU or SMU and ask for a tuition waver. Well, I guess you can ask, but you won’t get it.

Carefully check the schedule to determine the day, yes it is only one day, that you can enroll to audit the class or classes. This semester I’m taking the second semester of Creative Writing at TCC’s Trinity River campus.  I did go through the process of applying for and being accepted by TCC. Just want you to know that I am taking the course for credit, doing all the work, attending every class, but paying no tuition or fees. I wanted to take the class, but didn’t want to risk the chance that it might have no available seats on the one audit registration day, so I signed up to take it for credit.

If you want to enroll in up to six (6) hours for college credit, you can enroll during any of the regular registration period. Just remember #4–You cannot enroll for credit then switch to audit or go from auditing a class to taking it for credit.

Textbooks can be extremely expensive, but I found a way to cut that cost down to its bare bones. I go online to Amazon.com and rent the book(s). The book comes within 3-5 days. Keep the box to return it at semester’s end. Print off a label, take to the nearest FedEx or UPS place, and send it back free of charge. A piece of cake.

Audit students are required to conform to the same conduct in the classroom and on campus as credit students. Even though you may be older, you have to behave yourself!

Still have questions, click on this link AskTCC , or call 817-515-TCCD (8223).

Annie Ambles to TCC to register for a Spring Semester 2016 class


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