Horses in Town

There’s a new show in town that features cutting horses. The National Cutting Horse Association Futurity begins Monday, November 23, at the Will Rogers Memorial Center, 3401 Lancaster Avenue, Fort Worth. Since it’s the Thanksgiving holiday week, you may not find time to go out and watch these talented horses do their stuff this week, but don’t worry, you can see them into December.

The event will continue until December 12. You can get in free until the final weekend when a ticket will cost you between $15 and $75. Questions? Call (817) 244-6188. Watching these well-trained four-legged wonders do their stuff is nothing short of beautiful. It’s like a ballet in an arena.

Thinking about horses and stumbling upon an old Hopalong Cassidy episode Sunday morning on Channel 5-2, I remember the Saturday afternoon matinees, the B-movies, with the Western stars of the late ’40’s and early 50’s.

Let’s take a trek down memory lane as we recall the cowboys and their trusty steeds. No particular order here, so have a little fun and see if you remember the movie actors/stars (some were; some weren’t) and their horses:

King of the Cowboys Roy Rogers has to top the list. Name of his palomino? Trigger, of course. By the way, Rogers had Trigger stuffed and mounted after the horse died. That’s taking love a little too far for my taste. Gene Autry rode Champion. Hopalong Cassidy had a white stallion named Topper. The Cisco Kid’s horse was dubbed Diablo, while Will Bill Hickok had two horses–Dice and Sonny. Lash La Rue dressed in all black, cracked a bullwhip, and rode Black Diamond. Johnny Mack Brown’s horse went by three names–Scout, Rebel, and Reno. Rex Allen’s beautiful mount was Koko, and we all know that the Long Ranger galloped off into the sunset shouting, “Hi, Ho, Silver. Away!”

Annie Ambles into the Will Rogers Memorial Center next week


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