horn_of_cornucopiaMay your Thanksgiving be filled with family, friends, food, fun.

We have a tradition I’d like to share with you. After grace is said, each person at the table says a few sentences about a blessing, a thanks, for the person sitting to her/his right. In this way, we express our gratefulness for each person sharing our bounty. Maybe you’d like to start a new tradition like ours at your meal. Even if you’re eating by yourself, you can give thanks.

I’m thankful that I was born a Texan, an American, a Storey. No matter where I travel outside our wonderful country, I am always grateful when I land back on American soil. Returning home to where my heart is. Travel memories are fine, but reality is even better.

When I’m having a less than perfect day, I stop to think about my blessings and offer thanks for health, family, friends, home, talents, food, intelligence (some may question this), abilities, hot water, and machines (washing, dryer, dishwasher, computer, television, refrigerator, and tuner/radio).

Try to incorporate a little bit of thanksgiving into every day. I wish you well and a happy Thanksgiving.

Annie Ambles to Austin to share Thanksgiving with her beautiful daughter and family friends


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