Let’s Do Nothing

Yes, you read the blog post title correctly. Today, November 30, the last day of the eleventh month of the year, let’s, the two of us, just stop and do nothing. Put our lives on hold for a time. How long? It’s entirely up to you.

Can you do it? Turn off the TV, radio, phone, and anything else that makes or creates noise. Just sit for a few moments, or longer if you like, and do absolutely, tee-totally nothing.

Impossible? Not so. Take a few deep breaths. Maybe mentally go to your favorite spot–a warm beach, a calm lake, a beautiful mountain top. Get the drift? Stay there as long as you like. Later, you can return to real life, to your reality, but for now, do absolutely nothing.

Free Clip Art Beach Beach Scene Royalty Free Stock Images Image

Things are probably going to get pretty hectic in December with all the cleaning, decorating, cooking, shopping, entertaining, partying, eating, drinking that we do to celebrate the holidays. But, for now, let’s make an investment in our peace of mind. That’s free. Put all those plans and busy thoughts on hold. I’m with you. Let’s do nothing!

Annie Ambles does nothing


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