The Artist’s Eye

It’s a good morning to visit the Kimbell Art Museum, sit down, and listen to some stimulating thoughts about ancient and modern art.

presented by Anne Allen
Saturday, December 5 at 11:00 AM
You may want to slow down a little today and join artist Anne Allen and Jennifer Casler Price, curator for Asian and non-Western art at the Kimbell Art Museum, for a discussion of the Allen’s own work in relation to works in the Kimbell collection. You can see the Chinese sculpture Bodhisattva Torso at the Kimbell. It is a Chinese stone art piece, probably from the Shanxi province, dating from 775-800 (see below).
One of Allen’s works, April Fools, a watercolor, pencil, and ink on vellum from 2012, is shown below.
Admission is free. No reservations required.
Kahn Building galleries
For additional information, call 817 332-8451 or visit the Kimbell web site

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