Two Art Forms at the Modern

This afternoon you'll be able to experience two art forms free at 
Fort Worth's Museum of Modern Art. Come enjoy paintings and 
music. Annie calls these two her soul food and welcomes the
opportunity to feed her spirit with fine art and music.

The Turtle Creek Chorale, a men's chorus from Dallas, will perform
in the Grand Lobby at 2:30 PM. You don't need to have a reservation
or ticket. If you want to come early, you can stroll through the 
galleries without paying a red cent. Sunday visits are free at the 
Modern. There is also free parking adjacent to the Modern, on the 
street, or across the street in the spacious parking lot.

"During the holidays, sometimes the only place you want to be is home.  
It's the place you find love, acceptance and joy.  It can also be the 
place that drives you mad -- which we'll examine.  But, in the end, 
there's no place like home for the holidays."

Annie Ambles to the Modern to get nourishment for the soul

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