Texas Two Step for Your Vehicle

Kick Up Your Heels For The New Texas Two Step

Things they are a changing, at least as far as your vehicle inspection and annual registration are concerned.

It’s easy, and here’s how it works.  The first step is that your vehicle passes its inspection. Be sure to keep your vehicle inspection report.

The second step involves renewing your annual registration by mail, online, or in person. Your inspection status will be electronically verified. Yes, a passing inspection is required for registration.

You’ll be issued one sticker as proof of both the inspection and the registration.

Transitioning to the one sticker system requires that every vehicle’s inspection and registration dates expire at the same time. In order to do this, during the first year, you may register your vehicle as long as your vehicle inspection is valid the day you register. However, if your inspection and registration stickers both expire in the same month, your vehicle will need to pass its inspection prior to the registration renewal.

Never fear, beginning in March 1, 2016, you’ll have a convenient 90-day window to complete the process. In order to register on time, you must have your vehicle inspected within 90 days before your sticker expires.

If your vehicle passed inspection, but the system is unable to electronically verify it, simply present your valid, passing vehicle inspection report, and you’ll be able to register.

The inspection fees have not changed, but where you pay them has. You will now pay the inspection station its portion of the fee at the time of inspection and the state’s portion of the fee will now be collected at the time of registration.   You may want to visit the state’s website <www.TwoStepsOneSticker.com>, too.

So happy that we Texans will now have only one sticker. It’ll be on the left side/driver’s side at the bottom of the windshield. Now we’ll only have to scrape off one sticker. Life is getting easier, isn’t it?

Annie Ambles scrapes off two stickers and puts a new one in their place


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