JFK Memorial

JFK Statue and Memorial, Fort Worth, TexasJFK Statue and Memorial, Fort Worth, Texas

There’s a little known spot on Fort Worth’s Main Street between the Convention Center and the Hilton Hotel. The JFK Tribute is a public memorial in Fort Worth’s General Worth Square, at 8th and Main Streets, just north of the Fort Worth Convention Center and located in the shadow of the Fort Worth Hilton Hotel. It honors one of our presidents, a very special man, who had the guts to stand up to the Russians and blockade Cuba. Annie was a college sophomore at Texas Tech, watching his address on the dorm’s TV. Coeds were crying; we were all terrified. Some even packed and went home to be with their families when the atomic annihilation came. I lived clear across the state, didn’t have a car at that time, and had to tough it out.

John F. Kennedy and our country prevailed. The Soviets backed down; girls returned to their classes; and life went on, but not as carefree as before the standoff. Courage was needed, and courage was what we had.

President Kennedy and his dazzling wife Jacquelyn came to Fort Worth in November 1963. They spent the night at Hotel Texas, now the downtown Hilton. The next morning Kennedy spoke at a breakfast meeting, then spoke again outside in a light rain to hundreds of admirers. After the speech, he and his party traveled to Dallas. It was the last speech he made, and it was here on a street in downtown Fort Worth.

Fort Worth has a free memorial to the man and his accomplishments. You can visit it any time of day or night at no charge. The 8′ bronze sculpture does justice to a man who was larger than life.

Annie Ambles to the JFK Memorial to honor the man who motivated America




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