FW Stock Show Parade

Oh, boy, another parade is coming up. It’s the Fort Worth Stock Show’s All Western Parade scheduled for 11 a.m. January 16 in downtown Fort Worth. Nearly 100,000 spectators line the streets of downtown Cowtown to watch this free spectacular annual event. Plenty of horses and other livestock can be seen — but no motorized vehicles are allowed.

View the parade route.PDF Icon

To reserve parade seating, contact the Stock Show Ticket Office at 817-877-2420 and keep your seat ticket because it also serves as general admission to the Stock Show grounds any day during the 23-day run (rodeo performances are not included). If you don’t want to pay for a seat, do like Annie does and take your own. She has a folding chair that fits easily into the crowd viewing the parade from the sidewalk.

To learn about all the western activities coming up Jan. 15-Feb. 6, check out the Stock Show’s website.

Annie Ambles to 7th. and Houston to watch the Parade on January 16



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