The Green Factor

By the green factor, I’m thinking of money, not grass, trees, or the environment. Just finished reading Teresa Ghilarducci’s 2015 book, How to Retire with Enough Money and How to Know What Enough Is. For me, this was an extremely interesting book with clear answers to many financial questions. The best part, other than the concise writing, is the book’s length–only 116 pages. I read it in three to four hours and checked it out free from the Fort Worth Public Library.

Front Cover

The book’s introduction gives six simple steps you can use to plan a prosperous retirement, and here I quote from the book–

“1. Predict when you and your spouse or partner will retire, be laid off, or be physically and mentally unable to keep your job.

2. Predict when you will die.

3. Save more than 7 percent of every dollar you earn, starting when you’re 25. Oh, you’re 55 now? Just save 30 percent of every dollar.

4. Earn at least 3 percent above inflation on your investments, every year.

5. Do not withdraw any funds if you lose your job, have health troubles, get divorced, buy a house….

6. Time your retirement account withdrawals so that the last cent isn’t spent until the day you die.”

Challenging? Of course, just like life. No one can answer all the six questions, but any one can think about them. This little book is worth its weight in gold. Chapter One tells it like it is as do the following chapters. For example, you’re asked to face the facts. If you’re not worried, you probably don’t understand the situation.

The book’s Appendix gives useful web sites, books, and articles that give you up-to-date information. You don’t have anything to lose and a great deal to gain by reading this book and applying its principles.

Annie Ambles recommends an easy read with difficult issues


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