Travers Green

Unless you’re a fan, you probably don’t recognize the name Travers Green. No, he wasn’t a football player or a Rangers team member. He was an excellent artist who is a native of our fair city.

... <b>painting</b>, woodland <b>painting</b>, blue, <b>green</b>, purple, orange, (large view

You can see his fantastic paintings free until February 26 at Fort Worth’s Central Library, 500 W. 3rd. Street. The exhibit “South by Southwest: The Art of Travers Green” is a retrospective showcase of works by award-winning Fort Worth local artist Travers Green who was born in 1928 and died in 2008. These watercolor paintings have been reacquired by his son from various sources to compile a collection never before seen together.

Mr. Green’s “tight-loose” painting style, along with a unique scratch and splatter technique combine to create country-themed paintings. The viewer is given a sense of place and sees how the ordinary is turned into something extraordinary.

What a delicious feast of art. Come sample the show and enrich your senses.

Annie Ambles is a new Travers Green fan




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