Add Quality and Quantity

Now, who among us doesn’t want to live longer and better? I see a lot of hands raising and people shouting, “Yes, yes, yes.” Being healthy anywhere, but especially in Fort Worth is becoming easier because of our blue zone project. This particular organization is giving us easier ways to be healthy where we live, work and play. How? Well through health, wellness, and active living.

You know that we are constantly on the move. Often I find myself swimming in a sea of stress and fatigue. That old riptide tries to pull me under, and I remember that I need to take better care of myself. How to do this? Not so simple, but the Blue Zones Project has some suggestion that I’m going to share with you today and the rest of the week. If we can follow these five suggestions, we can improve our well being.

Okay. Ready to go? Here’s #1–Eat in moderation. “Listening to your body’s cues is essential. When you feel almost full, say 80% full, stop the chewing. Enjoying your meals slowly and more consciously will leave you feeling satisfied both physically and mentally.” A little trick I use is to count the number of times I chew. What works for me may not work for you, but eating slowly, savoring each mouthful, and sitting down will help your digestion.

Healthy eating is important as you age

Annie Ambles tries to eat moderately


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