Live Long in Fort Worth

After following suggestion #1 in yesterday’s blog to eat in moderation, you are gonna love suggestion #2. Well, I think you will.

Have “Wine at Five. As your day comes to an end, relax and enjoy a glass of wine.” Most recent studies show that a daily glass of wine can boost your sense of well- being. This emotional plus may possibility add years to your life. White or red or a mix? Your choice.

Cartoon characters celebrate drinking wine — Stock Vector © vabadov ...

Yes, I’ll drink to that. Unless you’re dealing with an alcohol addiction, try just a glass of wine every day before dinner. Host your own happy hour! Invite a few friends and neighbors over to drink a toast to Texas. You’ll slow down your world’s pace for a little while and regain your sanity. Unless, of course, you’re retired. If so, you can shoot the world the bird, smile, and have a second glass of wine. Retirement is simply great!


Annie Ambles enjoys a glass of wine with friends


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