Super Bowl Sunday

... Retailer Private Brand Strategy By Watching Football | Retail Leverage

We’re going to skip #3 “Get a Move on! and go right to #4. Don’t worry, we’ll get back to #3 tomorrow after the great athletic event Sunday evening. Since today there are going to be many Super Bowl parties and watching, this is a great day to implement a suggestion to help you regain, maintain, and improve wellness. Well, what is #4 you ask?

#4. Establish some quality time with friends and family. This is a great time to get some shoulder-to-shoulder or face-to-face time with your friends and family. Doing an activity like watching a football game, sharing food, and talking in person (no texting during the game) are ways to connect. Building relationships is a fine way to create wellness and clarity in your life.

It’s an even better party when you can drive to a friend’s house to watch the big game on an 80″ TV. No matter what you do today, please try to be a little extra social. Yes, you can.

Annie Ambles has fun with buddies


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