Get Moving

City Park Clipart People Walking in a City Park

No, heaven’s no, I don’t want you to move away from Fort Worth, but I do want you to get in some exercise today. Time to get up and move your body.

Now that all the Super Bowl parties are over, you may want to find ways to be more active today and for the rest of your life. Not too hard to do, but requires a mental adjustment.

You may want to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Maybe you can go for a walk. Yes, I know it’s cold and windy, but you can layer and bundle up, can’t you? Just walking around the block burns calories. Better yet, go to the Y or your health club.

Everyday People In A City Park Stock Photography - Image: 37623882

Want to be healthier? You can. If you don’t want to walk outside, drive to the nearest mall and combine your physical exercise with some window shopping. Be warned! Walking the mall may be hazardous to your economic well being, not to mention your waist line if you stop by the food court.

Yes, this is the Blue Zones Project’s #3 suggestion for a way to live longer and better–Get your move on!

Annie Ambles exercises to be healthier in Fort Worth


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