Salvador Dali Exhibit


Milan Gallery in downtown Fort Worth is having an interesting show called “The Argillet Collection” with works by famous artist Salvador Dali. You may preview the art beginning on February 20. Not everyone is a Dali fan, but everyone can be challenged by his works. His view of the world is not mine, but he’s the famous artist. ‘Nuff said. Right?

The exhibition is a rare opportunity to meet Madame Christine Argillet, daughter of Dali’s legendary publisher and confidante Pierre Argillet, during two scheduled special appearances by Madame Argillet for the public. The first appearance is Friday, February 26, 7 – 9:00 pm, while the second is Saturday, February 27, 7- 9:00 pm.

All appearances are complimentary to the public, and RSVP’s are required.
To RSVP email or call 817-338-4278.

This collection of Salvador Dali’s work shows original etchings, watercolors, and aubusson tapestries from several series. These series include “The Songs of Maldoror”, “Mythologie”, “Surrealistic Bullfight”, “Secret Poems By Apollinaire”, “Poems by Mao Zedong”, “Les Amours De Cassandre”, and “Faust”.

Salvador DalĂ­, Landscape with a Girl Skipping. Material: oilpaint on ...

If you visit on Valentine’s Day, Sunday, February 14, you’ll be able to hear Terry Lakes playing the Gallery’s grand piano. He’ll be there from 12:30 PM until 6:00 PM. His playing compliments the art.

For more info, visit the Milan Gallery web site at

Milan Gallery | 505 Houston Street ~ Fort Worth, TX 76102 | 817-338-4278
HOURS: M -TH. 10 – 7pm | Fri -Sat. 10 – 9pm | Sun. 12 – 5pm | | Parking Downtown is free after 6 PM and on weekends.

Annie Ambles to see the Dali Exhibit


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