Valentine Spending Revisited

Oh, boy, tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, that special day that all the marketers, commercial establishments, vendors, Hallmark, florists, candy makers, restaurants, and just about everyone else tries to tug at your heart strings in efforts to separate you from your money. Makes you see red when you think about, doesn’t it?

For some reason, we’ve been sold a bill of goods that brainwashes us into thinking that if we don’t spend a fortune on flowers, candy, cards, and an extravagant restaurant meal that we don’t love our special sweeties. What a bunch of bull! Treat yourself to another option.

Savor The Days: <b>Tarrant</b> <b>Area</b> <b>Food</b> <b>Bank</b>

Annie is proposing that you do something good in honor of your sweetie–a Valentine gift that will benefit others. Now, here’s the twist. Instead of spending all that cash on a one day sugar rush, calorie binge, just send a donation to the Tarrant Area Food Bank. Your gift will fight hunger. You can help Tarrant Area Food Bank be a strong organization with the resources it needs to serve more hungry people in our community. Yes, we do have hunger, a lot of it, in Fort Worth.

You can take a bag to the cash register when you shop at Kroger’s or send your check to Tarrant Area Food Bank, 2600 Cullen St., Fort Worth, TX 76107. Call 817-857-7100 or visit the web site <>. If you would like to charge your gift via credit card or designate your gift in honor of your Valentine or someone else or in memory of a loved one, you can do that, too.  All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Although it’s too late to get the tax deduction for 2015, you can take it for 2016.

Okay, Annie will cut you a little slack. Get a single rose and a small bag of candy kisses. Make a handwritten card or note to let your sweetie know what you’ve done. Just be sure you make that gift to Tarrant Area Food Bank, too. It will be the gift that keeps on giving.

Annie Ambles supports the Tarrant Area Food Bank by opting out of giving expensive Valentine’s Day gifts and making a donation to feed the hungry in her community. You can do the same.



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