The Kimbell’s Friday Evening Lectures

Vista exterior del Museo de Arte Kimbell, situado en Fort Worth ...

The Kimbell Art Museum is presenting a series of Friday evening lectures. The next one is this Friday, February 19, at 6:00 PM. Yes, it’s free. That’s great news for us retired folks, but it’s also great news for people who want to delve more deeply into the fascinating art world.

These evening lectures by distinguished guest speakers will be held throughout the year and address a range of topics on the appreciation and interpretation of art.

Although no registration is required, please know that seating is limited. You’ll want to get to the Pavilion Auditorium a little early. There is ample parking in the lot across the street, alongside the museum itself, and in the underground parking area.

Julia Guernsey, Professor in the Department of Art and Art History, University of Texas at Austin, is our presenter. She’ll be talking about “Thinking about the Body—Whole and Fragmentary—in Mesoamerican Art.” I know it will be both enlightening and fascinating. Bring it on, Dr. Guernsey!

... in Maya Art . Fort Worth: Kimbell Art Museum, 1986, p. 199, plate 63

Annie Ambles to the Kimblell to learn more about Mesoamerican Art


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