Genealogical Society Meeting

Central Library | Fort Worth Library

The Fort Worth Genealogical Society is meeting tomorrow evening, Tuesday, February 23, at Fort Worth’s Central Library in its Tandy Auditorium. You’re going to want to attend this meeting, even if you’re not currently researching your family’s roots. Why? Just because it’s February, Abraham Lincoln’s birth month.

Refreshments begin at 6:00 PM, while the program starts at 6:30 PM.    Sandy Prindle is the featured speaker, and he will discuss the Lincoln Assassination.  Judy Ramos and Rob Yoder have put together a great YouTube promotional video that you’ll want to view at this web site <>

If you need additional information, contact Suzanne Fritz, Fort Worth Librarian, at 500 W. 3rd St., Fort Worth, TX 76102-7305. Call her at 817-392-8916, or contact her via e-mail <>

Yes, the meeting is free, yet you may join and become a member for a small fee. Parking downtown is, as always, free after 6:00 PM. If you can’t find a parking space on the street, try parking at the parking garage on 3rd. Street. It’s free, too, for 2 1/2 hours, but you need to get the ticket validated at the library. Luckily, Annie can walk from her condo four short blocks to avoid the parking dilemma.

Annie Ambles enjoys the Fort Worth Genealogy Society’s programs


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