Yoga is not a Big Mystery

Yoga Woman Statue 8" Tall Figurine Meditation Pose Grace and Balance NEW

Chances are you are somewhere right now where you can experience yoga. Bite the bullet and take a class. Sure, you can get a DVD and do it alone at home, but, for me, it’s more enjoyable with a group. Tarrant County College has yoga classes through its Adult/Senior Programs for $25 a semester. The price is right (Sorry, Bert Parks). Another place for yoga classes is the YMCA with a monthly membership of about $32–still a bargain. Not free, but valuable.

You can outfit yourself in fancy clothing, use an expensive mat, and hire $35 an hour yoga coaches, but you can also do yoga for free on the days you don’t have a class.

Yoga helps with balance and stress. Just give it a try. It’s not a difficult course of exercise. Learn about the poses–child, warrior, cow, dog. It’s more about stretching than burning calories. Yoga’s movements are smooth, gentle, and graceful, if you do them right. You may find you discover a life-changing activity as you add yoga to your exercise schedule. Let me know how it goes. Bet your blood pressure goes down after a few weeks of doing yoga.

Annie Ambles does yoga twice at week


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