Severve Weather

Toronto thunderstorm – lightning. Photo #7 by John R Southern

There’s a thunderstorm warning for much of our part of the state. Annie has the TV set on Channel 8-2 which is the continuous weather channel; not a cable or dish station, but functional. The warning will expire about 11 AM.

Around 8:15 AM as Annie was preparing to walk the seven blocks to Bass Hall to volunteer for its Children’s Education Program, the storm hit. She hurried out to the balcony to move the metal table and chairs nearer the building. The plants, too, were moved to a more sheltered location as hail came down.Sheets of rain covered the park across the street. Sirens sound as emergency responders from the fire station go out to help others.

Growing up in East Texas, Annie loves thunderstorms–as long as she can stay safely inside her home. The lightening and thunder are exhilarating and spectacular. One thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, she counts after a thunderclap. Supposedly that means that the lightening is three miles away. Don’t want to be outside ever when the big wheels of thunder roll. Please stay safe!

Annie Ambles waits for a break in the storm to get to Bass Hall


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