Daylight Savings Time

Wallpaper: Daylight Savings Time 2015 Hd Wallpaper. Upload at March 6 ...

Oh, my goodness, how did time pass so quickly that we’re now facing another time change due to daylight savings time? Since we’re no longer an agrarian society focused on raising and harvesting food crops, why do we still have daylight savings time?

It’s just a mild form of jet lag each spring as we lose an hour of sleep, sorta like going from Fort Worth to Atlanta. It will be more than a little embarrassing for us if we don’t set the clocks forward an hour before we go to bed. Nothing like showing up late for church, work, or brunch.

Don’t want to give you bad news, but a TV doc mentioned that many people over 65 have strokes or heart attacks that have been tied to a disruption of their bodies’ circadian rhythm. Yep, they’re linking these to time changes mandated by daylight savings time. Safeguards are getting exercise and eating healthy food. Just passing the word.

Annie Ambles resets all her timekeeping devices


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