Texas Humor


Let’s take a day off from Fort Worth’s many activities. Annie is giving the Sunday school devotional, then attending the 11 AM church service. This is her “right” way to start the week. A little Texas humor helps start the day on the “right” foot.

Taking a day off, getting out of the kitchen, she is planning a nice brunch at VIVO 53, 523 Taylor Street in downtown Fort Worth. It offers artisan pizza and pasta with the goal of providing real Italian inspired dishes that are savory, fresh, mouth-watering and addictive. The handcrafted artisan pizza, cooked in a brick oven, has a flavorful crust that serves as the base for rich cheeses, house-cured meats, and fresh vegetables. The dough is very unique and took 53 attempts, 3 master bakers and 4 years to perfect, thus the name.

Walking home from a yummy brunch, Annie will cuddle up with the Sunday edition of the Fort Worth Star Telegram, have a cup of tea or coffee, and enjoy some Texas jollies  These she is sharing with you because life is better with a smile. Just substitute “Fort Worth” for “Dallas” and “Houston” as you read the graphic!

Annie Ambles chills out on a chilly Sunday


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