Visual Inspiration for Good Friday

Entierro de Cristo (Tiziano).jpg

Titan’s The Entombment of Christ displays the Venetian artist’s use of brilliant color and freer later style of painting Some see in the depiction of Nicodemus a disguised self-portrait of the artist. Will you?

According to Wikipedia, The Entombment is a 1559 painting by Titian, commissioned by Philip II of Spain. In this painting, Tizian uses the mature style characterized by the use of broad brushwork and brilliant colors. The figure holding Christ’s body is Nicodemus, the Jewish elder who secretly visited Jesus at night to learn about his teachings. The figure of Nicodemus bears the traits of the artist himself. This could have been inspired by Michelangelo‘s idea in his unfinished Pietà from 1550, depicting himself as Nicodemus, supporting the body of Christ displayed in the Cathedral in Florence. The stone sarcophagus where Christ’s body is placed is decorated with depictions of Cain and Abel and the Sacrifice of Isaac – themes that according to the Christian faith predicted the sacrifice of Jesus.

You won’t have to take a trip to Madrid to the Prado to see this compelling religious painting. It’s on loan to our very own Kimbell through June 12. For a moving Good Friday experience, go to 333 Camp Bowie Blvd, here in Fort Worth’s Cultural District. Admission is free. Call 817.332.8451 for additional information

Annie Ambles to the Kimbell to see this moving painting


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