Fort Worth’s First Senior Playground

Are you kidding me? This is not a joke. In September 2014, Fort Worth joined AARP’s network of age-friendly communities, in which members pledge to pay increased attention to the environmental, economic, and social factors that influence the health and well-being of us older adults.The powers who be are researching the possibility of funding the construction of a playground for seniors, according to an article in the Fort Worth Weekly.

The outdoor spaces, sometimes referred to as outdoor adult gyms, include low-impact activities like stationary bikes, walking paths with ramps, and games like horseshoes. Though common in Western Europe and East Asia, they have been slow to catch on in the US. The recreational areas provide opportunities for older adults to congregate, socialize, and use the equipment to maintain flexibility, balance, and stamina.

 Maybe, instead of starting from scratch, Fort Worth can add age-friendly equipment to a park already set to be built. In fact, the rumor is that the final location for Fort Worth’s first age-friendly park has been narrowed down to one or two possibilities, but nothing has been finalized. Check out Keller’s outdoor equipment pictured below. How did that city get ahead of us?


“Playing on a playground is fun at any age, according to Mayor Betsy Price. Why should we stop when we are older. The equipment which can be as simple as an oversized teeter-totter, helps seniors maintain flexibility, balance, and coordination. And it’s fun.”

Annie Ambles looks forward to Fort Worth’s first Senior Playground




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