Caruso in Cowtown

Leírás Enrico Caruso XVII.png

What an honor it must have been for the great singer Enrico Caruso to sing for Fort Worth’s citizens way back then in 1920. To learn more about those days and time, come downtown as The Center for Texas Studies at TCU and the Fort Worth Library present “Caruso in Cowtown: A Lecture” with Ruth Karbach, Independent Scholar, Saturday, April 2, 2016, 10:30am to Noon.

The event is free as is the parking on downtown Fort Worth’s streets. Come to hear this program in the Discovery Theater of Fort Worth’s Central Library, 500 W. 3rd Street.

Famed Italian tenor Enrico Caruso’s first Texas performance was before a crowd of 8,000 gathered in the Cowtown Coliseum in the Fort Worth Stockyards in 1920. Speaker Ruth Karbach will explain how the city attracted Caruso and the excitement over his visit. Plus, we’ll hear sample recordings of the arias he sang that night. To hear them live, visit to learn more about an upcoming recreation of the concert on April 7, 2016.

Ruth Karbach has worked with the Southwest Collection at Texas Tech, Thistle Hill house museum, and the Cowgirl Hall of Fame. She is currently an active independent scholar who has contributed to a number of books including Texas Women: Their Histories, Their Lives, winner of the 2016 Liz Carpenter Award for the Best Book on Texas Women from the Texas State Historical Association.

For more program information, call 817-257-6896.

Annie Ambles to Fort Worth’s Central Library for the Caruso Program


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