Tea and Talk

In this fast paced world of ours, it’s refreshing every now and then to just press the pause button and take a little time out. If you’re feeling the stress of civilization, Annie has just the remedy for you, just for today, just for an hour. Amble on over to the Sid Richardson Museum on Main Street just a block off Sundance Square for Tea and Talk. The event is free, but you will need to pay for parking.

Every first Wednesday of the month, Leslie, the Director of Adult Education at the Sid Richardson, is the hostess for an informative time that will give you a greater appreciation of the Museum’s Western art and put the spring back in your step. She or one of her staff will lead the assembled group in a discussion of a couple of paintings. Annie is always astonished to hear what others in the group see and say. Insights are gained, and fun is had.

After the educational part of the hour, the group adjourns to the back room to enjoy some refreshments. We always have tea and assorted treats after our talk. It’s a fun way to spend your lunch time and perhaps meet new people who will become friends.  See you there at 12 noon today.

Annie Ambles to Tea and Talk at the Sid Richardson Museum


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