Sprouts Farmers Market


Sprouts Farmers Market - Fort Worth, TX, United States

Maybe you already know about this special grocery store, but today was Annie’s first visit to Sprouts even though it’s been open in Fort Worth since last December.

Every week a flyer comes in the mail, normally on Tuesday. Usually, Annie looks at it and casually puts it in the recycling bin; however, this week she was in the market for watermelons to take to a family reunion. Eureka, right there in all its glory was an ad for “Whole Seedless Watermelons.” That was the first thing that caught her eye. The next thing was the price–$2.88 each.

After a call to confirm directions, Annie was driving on Camp Bowie Boulevard and turning left at the first light after Bryan Irving Road. The store’s address is 6300 Waverly, near Camp Bowie Blvd. & Ridglea Ave. Phone 682.747.5790, if you have questions.Check out the store’s web page, too.

In addition to wonderfully fresh produce at reasonable prices, there is almost an aisle of coffee beans. And, this week they’re all going for $6.99 a pound. Joy! There is nothing better first thing in the morning than a freshly brewed cup of coffee made with just-ground beans. Explore, too, the bakery, bulk food bins, wine section, deli, and meat market.

This week you can get a four pound bag of organic valencia oranges for $1.88, on-the-vine cluster tomatoes for $.88 a pound, red, yellow, or orange bell peppers at $.88 each, and three pounds of bananas for a dollar. If you’d like sweet blackberries, you can buy 5.6 ounces for $.77 each. Wouldn’t those taste great with some Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream or made into a cobbler?

Annie Ambles stocks up on fresh fruit and vegetables at Sprouts


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