Buffalo Soldier Camp

Buffalo soldiers on a mountain trail by Frederic Remington

Whoa! If you like to play soldier or just into the Western thing, you’ll want to go to the Buffalo Soldier Camp Fun Day, Saturday, April 16, 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM.  There will be food, music, archery, a bounce house, horse shoe tossing, horse back riding, and a whole lot more fun things to do. It’s all free.

Mosey over to 3534 East Berry Street in Fort Worth 76105, to spend an enjoyable couple of hours. Guess you’ll have to do this next year as Annie was out of town this weekend and unable to make this blog post until Sunday. Oh, well, the Buffalo Soldiers are special, and it’s good to know a little of their history.

“No one is quite certain why the Indians nicknamed the African American cavalrymen “buffalo soldiers.” Some say it was because the men were rugged as buffalo and others that it was because the Indians saw a resemblance between the black soldier’s hair and the buffalo’s shaggy coat. It has also been pointed out that many black soldiers favored the long buffalo-robe coats. Although the name was primarily applied to the cavalry, it was sometimes extended to include the black infantry. The infantry, black and white, were given the dubious honorific of Walk-a-Heaps.” This information came from the History page of this web site <http://www.discoverseaz.com/History/BufSold.html&gt; which contains more facts about the famous Buffalo Soldiers.

Annie Ambles admires the Buffalo Soldiers


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