Keeping Your Kitchen Safe

Annie never would have thought that the kitchen is more dangerous than a bathroom, but maybe it’s so. According to the April AARP Bulletin, here are some strategies that you can use to keep your kitchen a safer place.

Pay close attention to your pots and pans. In 2014 more than 32,00 people were hurt while cooking. They suffered burns as well as cuts from shattering glass pans. Please use kitchen mitts and remember that you don’t take glass dishes directly from the freezer and put them in the over. Never ever add liquid when a glass pan is piping hot. More than likely it will shatter. Talk about having a meal destroyed. That will do it. If you’re frying, keep a lid nearby to smother any grease fire.

Enjoy those bagels? Annie does, too, and is careful not to cut her hand or fingers when trying to slice one. Buy them pre-sliced, or, better yet, buy a bagel slicer. They are relatively inexpensive.

Harmful germs in marinade or food can multiply quickly at room temperature. Keep your marinating food in the refrigerator, not out on the counter.

You’d think using a dishwasher would be pretty safe, but people forget to place utensils with the sharp ends down. Don’t rush to put things away; wait for the machine to cool before emptying it.

You may be tempted to save energy costs by setting the refrigerator and freezer at slightly higher temps, but you’ll be welcoming bacteria if you do. The best temperature for the fridge is 40 degrees, while the freezer needs to be set at 0 degrees.

Mother always told us to rinse our fruits and vegetables. She’s right. We can use a brush to get the dirt off and rinse them under running water. This cleaning method is even more effective than using a commercial produce wash. Who knew?

One last hint on how best to deal with three germ magnets is to zap moist sponges for two minutes in the microwave, soak facet screens in bleach solutions, and remove and wash stove knobs in hot soapy water.

If you adopt these ideas, you’ll have a much safer kitchen.

Annie Ambles strives to make her kitchen safe


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