Life is Better With Music

Annie ambled over to Bass Hall last night to hear the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Miguel Harth-Bedoya (handsome dude) gift its patrons with an exceptional musical evening.

The performance began with Aaron Copeland’s dance episodes from Rodeo (1943). The piece is actually from his ballet that was written at the request of a ballerina. The ballet’s scenario depicts a Saturday afternoon rodeo, as well as the evening dance that follows. There is even a “Yeeha” that we Texans appreciate.

The musicians moved smoothly from the American West to Russia for Tchaikovsky’s Concerto in Violin and Orchestra in D Major, Opus 35 from 1878, proving that music is timeless. Tchaikovsky composed this, his only violin concerto, during the spring of that year. Guest violinist Midori, recognized as an extraordinary performer, was born in Japan in 1971, and made her debut in New York when she was 11. Her rendition of the concerto was simply lovely and emotional. She received a resounding standing ovation.

Violinist Midori, playing with Cleveland Orchestra at Severance Hall ...

After a 20-minute intermission, the FWSO played another Tchaikovsky favorite–the Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture. Very romantic and moving. Then, an extreme change of pace, ending with Gershwin’s An American in Paris. You know the one with the Parisian taxi horns? A fun way to end a musical adventure.

You can probably get a ticket to hear the program yourself as there is a Saturday night as well as a Sunday afternoon performance. Although this event is not free as most of this blog’s events are, you’ll be pampering yourself with a spiritual massage. Well worth the price. Then, too, the program has an insert about the Symphony’s “Concerts in the Garden” season June 3 through July 4 in the FW Botanic Garden–16 nights of music with fireworks every night!

Annie wants to thank the Fort Worth Police Department for blocking off the street after the performance, providing a safe path from the Hall to the parking garage.

Annie Ambles enjoys the FWSO’s music

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