Two of Annie’s Bass Hall volunteer friends are affiliated with Angloville, a company that pairs native English speakers with non-native English speakers to practice their English. It’s an exciting way to learn about other cultures, meet new people, and gain travel experience. Yes, Annie submitted an application for programs in Europe, starting in June.

Here are Angloville’s requirements, copied from its website <>:

“Be 18+ years old
Be Native English Speaker / have native level of English
Have completed High School
Have appropriate personal qualities (maturity, flexibility, good communication skills etc.)
Enjoy talking to people and learning about new cultures
Be in good physical and mental health
Have a clean police record
Have a story to tell; we will ask you to tell us a little more about yourself via an application form
Be ready to dedicate 1-8 weeks of your time to immerse yourself in different cultures”

If you’re ready for an adventure, you may want to apply for the program. Annie just did!

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